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Ovesco Endoscopy AG


Ovesco Endoscopy AG is a medical device company specializing in the fields of flexible endoscopy and endoluminal surgery. OVE develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease. Its products stand for therapeutic efficacy and efficient application. Based on the strong background in medical research and development, OVE is continuing to extend its product portfolio with deeply innovative medical devices and procedures.


OVE will provide its knowledge and expertise as an internationally active medical device company to the project in order to ensure well-balanced, market-oriented activity. Their long-time experience in gastroenterology and background in capsule endoscopy research within the VECTOR project (FP6) will help to achieve the goals set for Endoo.

Within work package 2, “development of the navigation platform and robotic capsule,” OVE will focus its efforts on creating the medical workstation, which will allow for visualization and management of multi-modal data. OVE’s experience in the field will guarantee that the workstation will be able to supervise the different imaging and sensing methods involved in Endoo, which will allow to control direct therapeutic intervention and to present dynamic system and patient parameters.

OVE will be work package leader for WP5 “Experimental protocols and test” since they have extensive experience with ex-vivo and also in-vivo (animal) trials as well as long-standing relationships with clinicians. OVE will develop dedicated (sensorized) test benches for validating the Endoo platform on a medical and technological level as well as it will contribute to risk assessment and certification, both of which are crucial for making the business case for Endoo results. To ensure success in this, OVE will work together with novineon (NVN), a third party of OVE, who are experts in this field and provide international knowledge in pre-clinical and clinical research.

With the expertise and experience of OVE in translating research outcomes into actual products and successfully launching them in international markets, OVE will also be involved in the industry-oriented process, together with EKYMED, connected to achieving the CE mark as well as in dissemination and exploitation activities.


OVE is a medical device manufacturer that successfully combines all parts of the value chain from innovation, industrial research, pre-competitive product development, medical product approval process, marketing, production, distribution and customer service under one roof and is present on all continents.

Furthermore, OVE offers expertise in technological system integration and prototype manufacturing and has substantial experience in European research activities as partners of e.g. the IP projects VECTOR (FP6) and ARAKNES (FP7).

An example for a development along the full value chain at OVE is presented in current R&D activities for a bleeding detection capsule, called HemoPill. Developed as a derivative device from the VECTOR project the capsule is being swallowed, detects blood in real-time by means of a novel optical sensor in the upper GI tract and sends a wireless alert signal to a receiver. The product launch will be in 2015.

OVE’s contribution is backed by strong knowledge and experience background concerning all aspects of successfully transferring research into exploitable results.


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