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Mediate S.r.l. is a spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, established with the aim of bringing to the market disruptive technological and scientific advances in robotics improving the efficiency and quality of industrial and medical procedures. Mediate S.r.l. serves as the innovative start-up facilitating the technology transfer of promising robotic developments researched at The BioRobotics Institute into the market. Many recent developments in a wide variety of fields, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), image processing, sensing or cloud computing, have inspired Mediate S.r.l. to “humanize” traditional industrial robotics by improving their perception and intelligence. This “humanization” of robotic applications allows executing flexible traditionally human-performed tasks, such as the ones underlined in Endoo proposal, obtaining reliable results in terms of precision, repeatability, robustness and safety.  
Since its constitution, Mediate S.r.l. has attended to several prestigious prices and events in order to share and disseminate its aims and goals. Few of these events are listed below:  

  • Start Cup Toscana 2017: innovation competition for start-ups; 1st classified; 
  • Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2017: classified in the top 4 of Industrial Start-ups; 
  • International Robotics Festival Investor’s Day; 
  • I2B Firenze (7th of November 2017); 
  • Disruptive Innovation Festival (21st of November 2017). 

The main responsibilities of Mediate S.r.l. within the Endoo Project are dedicated to bring an industrial approach to the project by means of the following tasks: isupporting in the finalization of the platforms, of the assessment and of pre-compliance testing for CE mark, ii) CE mark technical file compilation, iii) CE mark test, and iv) exploitation plan of the Endoo platform and derivative devices. Mediate S.r.l. will be responsible, during the project, of brining an industrial approach and methodology including the refinement of the Endoo platform design towards a clinically certified product. 


Mediate S.r.l., even if is a recently constituted spin-off, gathers several years of experience at The BioRobotics Institute, inheriting a broad knowledge in the design and development of advanced robotic systems. 
Mediate S.r.l. has already started a yearlong 300.000,00-euro project to use an automatized mobile robotic system to assist on goods and freight transportation. Three additional engineers are being contracted. 
Mediate S.r.l., as spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, has already signed a declarations of intend with the school in order to licence the software and other intellectual property such as the following patent as soon as required.

Expected benefits from taking part to the project 
Mediate S.r.l. was constituted to bring to the market the next generation of collaborative platforms to be used in medical and industrial environments. The Endoo project is a great opportunity to certify a collaborative robotic platform in order to be used in the medical room. Therefore, the project will allow Mediate S.r.l. to increase its advanced collaborative robotic solutions portfolio and know-how in medical robotic solutions certification.