WP6: Dissemination and exploitation


Exploitation plan and dissemination includes two complementary and parallel lines of action. Exploitation plan groups the activities aimed at establishing the conditions under which the Partners will participate, in conjunction and separately, in the exploitation of the project results. In particular, plans are made to promote the use of the robotic platform and to commercially exploit any derivative devices that can outcome from the project. An exploitation agreement will be issued to regulate IPRs, exploitation rights, special use conditions and relations with third parties. On the other hand dissemination groups the activities aimed at widely informing about the Endoo approach and results, as a condition for their adoption and exploitation in different contexts. A website will be developed to deliver information about the project; events will be organized and other dissemination activities will be studied and performed. All the Partners are somehow engaged in dissemination activities, in particular academic Partners to spread the scientific, medical and technological results. In this work package exploitation and disseminations plans will be performed to promote the knowledge and the commercial exploitation of the Endoo robotic platform and any derivative devices that can outcome from the project. To meet these objectives, the work package is divided into the following aims:

  • exploitation plan of the smart colonoscope and entire platform;
  • exploitation plan of software and derivate systems;
  • dissemination and IPR assessment.

Task 6.1 – Exploitation plan of the Endoo platform and derivative devices (EKYMED, SSSA, OVE)
Task 6.2 – Dissemination and IPR assessment (SSSA, All Partner)

EKYMED will be the WP leader