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VIMPA Project

The goal of VIMPA is to develop a new class of high energy and high power density generators to be embedded in portable or autonomous devices. The addressed domain is the one of Power MEMS, i.e. Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems able to exploit combustion for mechanical and electrical power generation. Output densities are projected to reach many W/cc for power, while energy densities up to many KJ/cc are expected: both values are several times higher than the respective upper values of traditional batteries.
Few attempts have been and are being conducted worldwide (mainly in the USA and in Japan) in the field of Power MEMS, but no usable products have been developed, despite the strong need for miniature high performance power supplies and in spite of dedicated research programs and funding. The main reason of this delay is the adopted approach which consists of scaling down traditional engines, by developing micro turbomachinery or microengines inspired by already existing concepts.
The enabling paradigm for the success of VIMPA is a real multidisciplinary consortium in which state of the art teams in combustion research, microengineering design and MEMS fabrication are included. Hopefully VIMPA’s goal will allow EU research to excel in the interdisciplinary field of Power MEMS.
  Project funded by the European Commission under the NEST (New and Emerging Science and
  Technology) activity of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), contract No. 511889