U862: Center de Recherche INSERM U862, Istitut François Magendie, Physiopathology of the Spinal Neuronal Networks team, Bordeaux , France
The François Magendie CRI is a multidisciplinary centre dedicated to an integrated study of Neurosciences ranging from neurological and behavioural pathologies to the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural activity. The total number of people working in the F. Magendie CRI is around 100, of which 7 professors and 27 permanent researchers in 8 teams. The team "Physiopathology of the spinal neural networks" (director: Dr. F. Nagy) is composed of 3 professors, 3 permanent researchers, 2 postdocs, 2 PhD students, 2 MSc students, and 3 technicians. The major focus of the research activities performed by this team is the understanding of the cellular and network mechanisms underlying spinal cord plasticity. Two main issues are addressed : i) understanding the mechanisms underlying the spinal sensitization associated with nociception and with pathological state of chronic neuropathic pain; ii) understanding of the mechanisms underlying locomotor recovery following a spinal cord trauma. Particularly relevant for this project is the use of salamander as an experimental model for the study of the post lesional plasticity of the locomotor networks. Indeed, the study of the plasticity of the infra-injury locomotor networks requires the knowledge of the locomotor patterns in the intact animal. Several data obtained in intact animals during steady state locomotion have previously been used in collaboration with partner 3 for modelling of salamander's CPG and building robots capable of swimming and walking.
Centre de recherche INSERM U862 Institut F. Magendie 146, rue Leo-Saignat 33077 Bordeaux Cedex
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