KI: the Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology Stockholm, Sweden
The research group at the Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology has been devoted to the cellular bases of behaviour since many years and has utilized lower vertebrate (lamprey) and mammalian preparations including occasionally man. The work bridges from the molecular and cellular to the network and behavioural levels. It has pioneered the development of the lamprey CNS as a lower vertebrate model, which has permitted a detailed cellular and computational analysis of the networks underlying the locomotor behaviour. We have combined intracellular and patch techniques with paired recordings of interacting neurons and synaptic transmission between interneurons and motoneurons in the locomotor network. A current focus is the neural mechanisms underlying the selection of behaviour and visuomotor coordination.

Study of neuromuscular and sensory systems for locomotion in simple vertebrate at neural network level and model definition. Also visuomotor coordination and mechanisms of selection will be investigated further. - Suggest suitable locomotion models and indications for the anatomical structure and neuromorphic control architecture are expected. - Experimental activities involving artefacts will be carried out. In particular: experiments with bio-inspired artefact and experiments on bio-hybrid approach.
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