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Our aim

We create strong, mutually beneficial, links between TERRINet and industry, with a particular focus on start-ups and SMEs. Such activity is tailored to promote technology transfer from academic research to innovation in industry, to support small start-ups and SMEs by offering access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities, and to create links to established robotics industries such as to benefit from their expertise, their robotics technologies, and possibly their financial sponsorship.

Photo by Franck V.

Initiatives organized by TERRINet

  • Assistance for startup creation. The TERRINet Technology Transfer Committee (TTTC) will provide advice and coaching for researchers in the TERRINet partnering laboratories. Technical support will be provided by the TTTC to help preparing applications (e.g. by providing guidance and feedback on proposals) to funding schemes for startup creation in each partner countries (for instance the Innogrants at EPFL).
  • Help with preparing and submitting patents. Workshops on IP and patent preparation will be organized for all academic researchers involved in TERRINet. Information packages will also be prepared and distributed. A database of TERRINet patents will be created, maintained, and advertised to industrial partners.
  • Training courses on technology transfer and on startup creation for academic researchers (e.g. Ph.D. students and postdocs).

TERRINet TTTC has access to local information in all 13 partner institutions in 8 countries. Feel free to drop us an email to guide you towards each specific initiative.

Access to the research facilities

Similarly to academic researchers, access to the TERRINet research facilities will be provided to industrial partners. Industrial partners will be given the opportunity to submit applications describing their needs similarly to academic researchers. The TTTC will be in charge of assessing the applications based on availabilities, relevance to the research goals of TERRINet, and potential opportunities for collaborations with academic researchers.

Industrial outreach and assistance for startup creation

Each partner of TERRINet provides assistance and local information to help Entrepreneurs and outreach to industrial partners. Detailed information is available on the dedicated page for each partner institution.